Create Workspace

The first step of creating a project is creating a workspace. What you need is to click on "Create Workspace" at top-right corner, name your project, define how much resources you need (for the storage, please do not allocate all your resources), select the type of environment you would like to develop, and create. You are done! This short video shows the steps:

Create Notebooks

From File Tab or Launcher you can create a notebook. You will be asked for the type of Kernel that you would like to use, i.e. Python or R, and you can start right after as shown in this video:

Using Editor

If you would like to develop a package or would like to debug your code, you can use the editor. Similar to notebooks, you can create a Python or R file from your editor. When you run, RIDE creates a Console with corresponding kernel and execute your code like this:


If you would like to have system level access, pip install Python packages or run Linux commands, you can use the Terminal which is accessible through Launcher or Terminal Menu on the top demonstrated here:

Other Features

RIDE is shipped with extra features such as flexible layout, Data View, Environment View, File Browser, ... This short video shows examples but for details please browse our help page for more information:

Ask for Help

You can always ask for help by clicking on the blue circle at right-bottom of your page like this:

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