You can develop, run or even export your Shiny Apps to your application tab or marketplace. To start developing a Shiny App:

  1. Go to the File menu on the top
  2. From New ... choose Shiny App
  3. Enter a name for your App
  4. A template is generated and you are ready to Develop
  5. When you click on "Play" sign in your IDE, Shiny App starts in a separate tab.
  6. If refresh after save is on, after any change in your app, save your file and your Shiny App gets updated:

You can also export your Shiny App to your Application section and use it as a separate application.  All files, dependencies and packages are encapsulated and your application will run separately without any changes. To do so: 

  1. Click on top-left corner - we call it magic corner! :) 
  2. Select Shiny settings 
  3. Enter the location of your application (folder name)
  4. Click Export
  5. Enter a name for you App
  6. You are all set 

After exporting your App, you can use it separately from your Application section. You can also upscale or downscale your settings like memory and storage:

If you would like to share your application with your community or sell it in the market, you can publish it in the Marketplace as follows:

  1. Go to application section and choose your app that you would like to publish
  2. From top-down menu, select publish
  3. In the publication page, you can name your app, set an icon, and background image. You can also authorize other users to see your code, define your license, or even set a price for selling your application. 
  4. You should define minimum memory and disk storage needed for your app.
  5. In the description section, you can explain your application, provide extra information, define a specific license agreement or add images. It supports markdown format that facilitates formatting of your page. 
  6. When you publish, your request, it goes to one of our administration accounts. After reviewing your app in terms of functionality, licenses and security, your app gets approved and published in the marketplace. You will be notified by email after approval.

When you run your application from Application tab, the log file of your application is exposed in Files tab called app_log.txt as shown below:

In fact, any files generated by application in shared folder (similar to your workspace) is exposed in this tab and are available for sharing through Share tab.

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