To create a RMarkdown file:

  1. Go to File menu on top
  2. From New ... choose RMarkdown
  3. Enter a name for your file
  4. A new rmd file is created which is a template for your project.
  5. When you render your page by clicking on "play" button, a rendered file is created based on the format in the header of your rmd file.
  6. If you choose html, you can put the html output side-by-side. After any changes and rendering your file, html output gets updated. 
  7. You can also see the outcome of each code chunk inside your editor by selecting inline sourcing on. It saves your time by rendering only the selected chunk. You can clean up the outcome at anytime as indicated in the video. 
  8. RIDE supports viewing PDF files. If you select the outcome as PDF, you can see the outcome inside RIDE to make corresponding changes.

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