RIDE is designed in a way to provide the best development experience to the users. Most of the features are exposed through simple but powerful user interfaces but there are a couple of hidden features not exposed yet! :)

  1. Ctrl+Space: Intellisense is always with you by offering most relevant feature. However, you can trigger your content assistant at anytime by pressing Ctrl+Space.
  2. Command + S (Windows: Ctrl+S): To make your environment minimal but powerful, we have minimized the icons and keys. Saving is one of those examples. Command+S (Ctrl+S) is the standard way of saving in most of the applications including RIDE.
  3. Command+F (Windows: Ctrl+F): Inside your editor, push these keys to have your search/replacement menu open:

4. You have a powerful context menu. Right click in your editor to have it open. In your context menu you can:

  • Source all/line
  • Format your code
  • Comment/Uncomment
  • Change all occurrence8
  • Go/Find a definition

5. You can upload any file up to 15MB directory to your workspace through upload button in the file system. If you have larger files, you can use inventory (please refer to inventory section). You can also download any file by right clicking in the file system:

6. If you would like zoom a graph, just click on it. One more click goes back to the normal view. You can also make your plot bigger by dragging the corner. To save a plot or image, you can right click on it and save it on your machine. You can also drag a plot file to the top of your browser to have it open separately: 

7. In notebooks, you can easily drag and drop cells to change the order of execution:

8. If you would like to temporary share your workspace with someone, simply copy the link in the browser and send it over. The recipient gets access just to the current workspace and the magic corner is disabled for her/him.  When you turn off and on your workspace, this links gets expired immediately.

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